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Beagle Puppy Playing Tug of War, Caught with pants down around knees… Dog Rescue Fundraiser, Adopt a Pet Animal

Beagle Puppy Playing Tug of War, Caught with pants down around knees... Dog Rescue Fundraiser, Adopt a Pet Animal

“Caught with my pants down again…”

Puppies love to play tug of war, even if it’s when you’re not ready. Pulling on Mom’s pants is a wonderful substitute for that rope toy left in the other room. There’s never a moment of peace when there’s a cute new puppy dog in the house! Won’t you consider making fun and happy memories with Man’s Best Friend?

Save a life by adopting a homeless pet. Maybe an older dog that is already potty trained may be a better choice for some people? If you’d like to help out dog rescue, this image is available on products at Zazzle and Redbubble.

A special "thank you" goes out to AirBeagle and T-florie for their generous contributions to making this picture possible.

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Wooliture German Wirehaired Pointer front

Wooliture German Wirehaired Pointer front

This is "Kate" my latest wool sculpture pet portrait. The real Kate is a champion in the show ring and in the fields and has quite a sense of humor and is very beloved!
I sculpted this wool sculpture using a single needle and a handful of different colored wools.

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Rio Grande Valley -detail 1 oil on canvas 16×20 by Richard Thompson all copyrights reserved $650 USD plus $80 USD shipping to North America and Europe

Rio Grande Valley -detail 1 oil on canvas 16x20 by Richard Thompson all copyrights reserved $650 USD plus $80 USD shipping to North America and Europe

Cheneybama -OPEC toy president just cashed in Dick Cheney and Pet Goat Bush "American energy independence."

Wall Street-OPEC-Texas corporations are experts on independence, like war criminal GOPDEM represenatives Cheney, Bush, Hillary and Chenybama. American Neocons independently launched 911 mass murder treasons on 911 and remain exceptionally above any law……which gives them really great independence.

Fear of falling victim to military murder treasons defines today’s military police law. OPEC-Texas-Wall Street’s Israeli crime corporations manufactured elaborate cartoon sketches with delicious lies told to the UN independent of facts or law in order to make their war point.

Three thousand dead Amercians on 911, about five thousand US soldiers, and about a half million dead Iraqi’s got OPEC-Texas and Wall Street’s point. And Halliburton’s CEO got $34 million in just a single year of "energy independence" bonuses with Exxon, Chevron and BP independently taking Iraq’s oil industry.

See their point? They independently invented today’s permanent oil wars for "American Energy Independence." It’s why Cheneybama is proud of us today.

Waaaaay back in 2001 the courageous war fighter Bush was so terrified for newly victimized Americans that he told them to go shopping.

That alleviated Pet Goat’s worries during the time he was reading "My Pet Goat " and demolishing huge buildings in New York City. But he was also busy back then wiping his rotten ass on The US Constitution. He was busy.

That’s why he took a break for CIA-Mossad Crime Corporation to invent today’s evolved CIA-Cheneybama military police state. They delivered it on September 12, 2001 and plugged it in and it’s getting bigger every day now. Healthy and proud.

The military police state feels extremely secure….and independent.

The CIA-PNAC-AIPAC lead actor merely got "changed" in Obama. Cheneybama the GOP actor "changed" the corporate mask into today’s much fatter criminal fortunes of "American Energy Independence."

Cheneybama delivered the change from a big military secret police state to a planet size military police state…. with a new brown face too.

That’s change you can believe in. Cheneybama’s same "American energy independence" will now patriotically ship US oil to foreigners. That’s his shared OPEC "strategic interest" in growing OPEC-Texas-Wall Street’s corporate criminal world war government.

Do you know how independently exceptional every fiber of Cheneybama’s being is?

Wall Street-OPEC-Texas is exceptionally independent from national, international, moral and legal constraints. That makes oil war exceptionally profitable for Wall Street’s finest corporate criminal enterprises. It expands patriotic military crime organizations who fix oil bourse prices on the world market.

The OPEC independent monopoly that fixes oil prices includes Koch Industries, Exxon, Chevron, BP, Aramco, Shell along with several other very large multinational patriot corporations. They make oil war terrorism the most lucrative murder profession in independent history.

You already serve the masters and cartoon masks of "Amercian energy independence." Do you like it? Stealing money and oil are now made independent of American supply and demand.


Its corporate owners operate independent of any constitutional law, trade law, tort, estoppel or moral law today. That means you will now "independently" pay astronomically higher prices competing with 1.356 billion Communist Chinese for the oil pumped from North Dakota, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and from Alaska states of former America.


Does your new "Amercian independence" make OPEC-Texas-Saudi terrorists wealthier? Emphatically yes. Make terrorist contractors better armed to wage CIA-Mossad’s oil wars? Yes. And you pay much more for everything called "the terrorist premium" added to everything that you buy….delivered on a truck, train, boat, barge and car? Yes.


Thinkify then intelligicate if you can Cheneybama Neoliberals: Congrats on Chenybama’s oil wars for higher Texas-OPEC terrorist pump prices making Cheney’s PNAC-OPEC-AIPAC wet dream come true….replete with massive deficit military funding for oil war expansions.

Wall Street’s Changer Cheneybama just changed oil war fortunes into much fatter ones by draining you faster. GOPDEM corporate toys like the change president(s) are coronated to squeeze you much much more.

Now you compete against Chinese and Japanese buyers and everyone else serving Corporate World Government. Their monopoly energy prices are now monopolized beyond the moon.

That’s called "American Energy Independence" literally translated as OPEC-Texas-Saudi corporate monopoly independence. That independence circumscribes multinational oil terrorist corporations that rule Earth at drone gunpoint. -RT
****************************************************************************U.S. Ruling Loosens Four-Decade Ban On Oil Exports
Shipments of Unrefined American Oil Could Begin as Early as August

The Wall Street Journal
By Christian Berthelsen and Lynn Cook

The Obama administration cleared the way for the first exports of unrefined American oil in nearly four decades, allowing energy companies to start chipping away at the longtime ban on selling U.S. oil abroad.
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In separate rulings that haven’t been announced, the Commerce Department gave Pioneer Natural Resources Co. and Enterprise Products Partners LP permission to ship a type of ultralight oil known as condensate to foreign buyers. The buyers could turn the oil into gasoline, jet fuel and diesel.

The shipments could begin as soon as August and are likely to be small, people familiar with the matter said. It isn’t clear how much oil the two companies are allowed to export under the rulings, which were issued since the start of this year. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security approved the moves using a process known as a private ruling.

For now, the rulings apply narrowly to the two companies, which said they sought permission to export processed condensate from south Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale formation. The government’s approval is likely to encourage similar requests from other companies, and the Commerce Department is working on industrywide guidelines that could make it even easier for companies to sell U.S. oil abroad.

In a statement Tuesday night, the Commerce Department said there has been "no change in policy on crude oil exports."

Under rules imposed after the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s, U.S. companies can export refined fuel such as gasoline and diesel but not oil itself except in limited circumstances that require a special license. The embargo essentially excludes Canada, where U.S. oil can flow with a special permit.

Lawmakers enacted the ban after Arab countries declared an embargo on shipments to Western nations because of their support for Israel in the Yom Kippur War. The embargo caused oil prices to quadruple and led to rationing at gas stations across the U.S.
View gallery

But as drilling companies tap shale formations across the U.S., so much oil is flooding out of the ground that prices for ultralight oil have fallen as much as $10 or more below the price of traditional crude. As a result, producers have lobbied aggressively to relax the export ban, saying they could get a higher price from foreign buyers than from U.S. refiners.

For months, top Obama administration officials have signaled willingness to relax the export restrictions. The softened stance is likely to stir up opposition in Congress, where some lawmakers insist that Americans would benefit from lower fuel prices if the government maintains the longtime export ban.

The shift could be even more controversial because oil prices are stuck above $100 a barrel amid instability in Iraq, Libya and Ukraine. The benchmark U.S. oil price rose on the news, nearing its high for the year, as traders mulled the possibility of supplies leaving the country.

On Tuesday, Americans paid an average of $3.68 a gallon for gasoline at the retail pump, according to motor club AAA.

The private rulings by the Commerce Department define some ultralight oil as fuel after it has been minimally processed, making the oil eligible for sale outside the U.S. The Brookings Institution estimates that as much as 700,000 barrels of ultralight oil per day could be exported starting next year.

Eventually, the exemption could grow to a substantial portion of the three million barrels a day of oil that energy companies are pumping from shale, industry experts say. From 2011 to 2013, U.S. oil output soared by 1.8 million barrels a day, with 96% of new production in the form of light or ultralight oil, according to the Energy Information Administration.
View gallery
FILE -This Wednesday, May 9, 2012, file photo, shows …
FILE -This Wednesday, May 9, 2012, file photo, shows drilling rig near Kennedy, Texas, Wednesday, Ma …

Pioneer Chairman and Chief Executive Scott Sheffield has been one of the most outspoken advocates for oil exports. The Irving, Texas, company pumps most of its oil in Texas, including a joint venture with India’s Reliance Industries Ltd. Mr. Sheffield has warned that refiners along the Gulf Coast could become oversaturated with too much oil from shale.

Enterprise, based in Houston, is an oil and gas logistics company that operates pipelines and storage terminals, as well as processing equipment for natural gas, condensate and refined fuels.

With few exceptions, U.S. crude oil gets transformed into fuel in plants scattered from California to New Jersey. Canada gets some U.S. oil that it can refine north of the border, but much of that gasoline and diesel flows back south to service stations in Michigan and Minnesota.

Under the private rulings, condensate can qualify as a refined product suitable for export so long as the liquid is stabilized and distilled, according to officials and industry executives.

Stabilization, a process that heats up oil to boil off some of the most volatile gases, has long been an early step in energy production, transportation and refining. Equipment to stabilize oil is common in energy states like Texas. Distillation is an increased step, industry sources said, but far short of refining or turning condensate into finished fuels.

If the volume of minimally processed condensate exports reaches a large scale, it could undermine investments by several companies in refineries and mini-refineries known as splitters that were made based on the companies’ previous understanding of the law, said Rusty Braziel, an energy consultant.

Nearly 20 refining projects with capacity of more than 900,000 barrels a day have been proposed and are in various stages of development, according to Credit Suisse Group. This fall, Kinder Morgan Inc. plans to start a $360 million condensate splitter near the Houston Ship Channel that is supported by long-term contracts with BP PLC.

Earlier this year, the chief executive of Continental Resources Inc., the biggest driller in North Dakota, said he expected a wholesale lifting of the export ban so all types of U.S. crude could be sold internationally.

"They want a whole-hog liberalization of exports," said Kevin Book, managing director at political advisory firm ClearView Energy Partners LLC. "Condensate is kind of a baby step in the eyes of some of the producers."

Alison Sider and Nicole Friedman contributed to this article.

Write to Christian Berthelsen at and Lynn Cook at

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Sirius A and B: A Double Star System in Canis Major (NASA, Chandra repost, 09/26/00)

Sirius A and B: A Double Star System in Canis Major (NASA, Chandra repost, 09/26/00)

Hello Flickr friends! Feb. 20 is "Love Your Pet Day." To celebrate, we looked up the top seven pets and searched for space images for each animal. And here we are at #1: the faithful Dog, Man’s best friend. In honor of canines everywhere, here’s the double star Sirius system, located in the constellation Canis Major (the Great Dog).

Now that one "Rover" has claimed the top spot, here’s a bonus history image of the lunar rover on the moon:… (I know, very cheesy joke…but hey, dogs love cheese!)

Caption: An X-ray image of the Sirius star system located 8.6 light years from Earth. This image shows two sources and a spike-like pattern due to the support structure for the transmission grating. The bright source is Sirius B, a white dwarf star that has a surface temperature of about 25,000 degrees Celsius which produces very low energy X-rays. The dim source at the position of Sirius A – a normal star more than twice as massive as the Sun – may be due to ultraviolet radiation from Sirius A leaking through the filter on the detector.

In contrast, Sirius A is the brightest star in the northern sky when viewed with an optical telescope, while Sirius B is 10,000 times dimmer. Because the two stars are so close together Sirius B escaped detection until 1862 when Alvan Clark discovered it while testing one of the best optical telescopes in the world at that time.

The theory of white dwarf stars was developed by S. Chandrasekhar, the namesake of the Chandra X-ray Observatory. The story of Sirius B came full cycle when it was observed by Chandra in October 1999 during the calibration or test period.

The white dwarf, Sirius B, has a mass equal to the mass of the Sun, packed into a diameter that is 90% that of the Earth. The gravity on the surface of Sirius B is 400,000 times that of Earth!

Image credit: NASA/SAO/CXC

Original image:

Read more about Chandra:

p.s. You can see all of our Chandra photos in the Chandra Group in Flickr at: We’d love to have you as a member!

These official NASA photographs are being made available for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photographs. The photographs may not be used in materials, advertisements, products, or promotions that in any way suggest approval or endorsement by NASA. All Images used must be credited. For information on usage rights please visit:…

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LPS # 480 : peach bunny rabbit

LPS # 480 : peach bunny rabbit

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Fun Dog Bandanas for Contented Canine Training

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Puedo ver mi mundo en tus ojos (No edit) (Sin Ps)

Puedo ver mi mundo en tus ojos (No edit) (Sin Ps)

Sin Editar / No Photoshop
Los parlamentarios canadienses quieren que el uniforme del equipo olímpico lleve piel de foca en los Juegos de invierno de Vancouver 2010, en señal de protesta contra la prohibición impuesta por la Unión Europea (UE) de importar productos de este mamífero marino.
¿Quien es el animal y quien la persona?

The Canadian Parlament want the Canadian Olympic team’s uniform bearing seal in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010, in protest against the ban imposed by the European Union (EU) to import products from the marine mammal.
Who’s the animal and who is the person?

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