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Xmas Gift for wheelchair user

Xmas Gift for wheelchair user

Trabasack’s Winter Warmer
As winter is upon us and Christmas is literally just around the corner, it’s probably time to start making preparations for the holidays. Whether you go and visit relatives or have the whole family around your house, you will soon realise how your Trabasack can make the whole Christmas period much more smooth and less hectic or difficult, not to mention warmer!

Let’s think ahead to Christmas and how your Trabasack will become your best friend! When visiting relatives you don’t have to worry about sitting away from the family or friends because your chair doesn’t fit under the dining table, just pull out your Trabasack and eat your dinner in the company of others without feeling too far from the table, out on a limb or uncomfortable!

With your Trabasack you can bag the TV remote and keep it safe from those who might be fixated on the soaps!

Your Trabasack is also a great place to store handy essentials when visiting relatives and also a great place to stuff all your Christmas cracker prizes (because you really needed ANOTHER miniature sewing kit)!

Hide the hot water bottle and flask inside, tea or something stronger!
Your Trabasack is also a great source of warmth over the winter period and it really does become your own portable winter warmer. Many people say that the beanbag being on their lap helps to keep their legs warm in the cold. You can even go one step further and pop a hot water bottle inside and keep extra warm whilst you’re out and about. Or why not include a hot flask of warm tea or soup, so you can enjoy a comforting hot drink when you’re out Christmas shopping without having to join the endless queues in one of the coffee shops! Send us a pic of you doing just that for a free T-shirt!

Of course, the final and most important winter function of a Trabasack is as a present for others! I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t be pleased with their very own portable lap tray and bag and if you’re already an owner you probably have a list of friends who have already admired yours!
Recommended by SIA magazine contributers
Trabasack was featured in the ‘Gadgets, Gizmos and Bright ideas section’ of the December 2011 issue of Forward "for thinking people with spinal cord injury". Under the title ‘Innovative ideas contributed by SIA members’ It reads:

Trabasack is a stylish bag that is also a very practical laptray. Designed by Clare Edwards (c5/6) who was fed up with being unable to get to a table for food and drink, it is now selling worldwide was being championed by some SIA members at the recent AGM! It has a small light weight beanbag cushion inside it so that it rests comfortably on the lap and a firm tray surface for food, drinks, gadgets or laptops.
Clare has made it easy to use by including ring pull zips, grab handles and a range of strap options for carrying or keeping it attached on your lap as you move around. Having won design and style awards, and being a fairly low cost item, it makes a really useful xmas gift.
So if you are looking for the perfect gift idea, why not give them a great gift and get them a winter warming Trabasack?

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Korg Kaossilator #1

Korg Kaossilator #1

The Korg Kaossilator – an ultra-portable pocket-sized miniature syntheszier.

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mechanic frog

mechanic frog

Mechanical Frog is a mini USB sculpture part of the BYB collection.

The mini sculpture, made in white, purple and lily, is built on an extremely solid base, and it is a little design object that can be conveniently placed beside your PC or in other places of the house or office.

The metal facial insets give it the looks of a miniature cybrg, the protruding eyes making it more expressive.

Mechanical Frog has been given as a gift to Domenico Quaranta ( ) a young curator and art critic.

Technical Details:

mini sculpture built on a USB 2.0 pendrive

materials: cernit, iron, indusrial objects, bolts

color: white, purple, lilly

dimensions: 9 cm x 8 cm x 3,5 cm

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train gadgetry

train gadgetry

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Trends that will shape our communications world

Trends that will shape our communications world

Developments in mobile technology are occurring so rapidly that even the likes of Nokia don’t know how to cope. But there are certain trends that are here to stay at least a couple of years, and it’s good to know them so that you need not change your gadget with your toothbrush.


Almost every manufacturer that makes mobile phones has either already launched a tablet or has one in the offing. While netbooks already exist tablets are different because they are more portable and look better than netbooks.

The other difference lies in the fact that while netbooks are miniature laptops manufactured for cost reasons, tablets are fashionable products.

Moreover, tablets use better processors than netbooks do, and are beginning to be as powerful as laptops. Nvidia, for instance, recently announced a dual core 2.4 GHz mobile processor.

Due to the absence of physical keyboards, which are replaced by touchscreens that respond to gestures, using a tablet is at times more comfortable than using a much bigger laptop.

Cross platform application development

Increasingly, applications that work across platforms such as Android and Windows are being developed.

For example, recently a Qt (Nokia development platform) developer released a suite called Necessitas, which will enable people to create applications that will run on Android as well. The company will also make Symbian apps compatible with Windows Phone devices. BlackBerry too is considering making Android apps compatible with its tablet OS QNX.

True convergence

Digital living network alliance or DLNA, which is aimed at making electronic gadgets capable of interacting and sharing with each other, has more than 160 member companies, and an increasing number of gadgets are DLNA certified, which enables them to interact with one another.

In terms of device capability, mobile phones already serve for health monitoring and distance education, and as cameras, music players, alarms, radios, and mini PCs.

So, mobile phones will make many other devices obsolete while making many devices much more useful. For example they could make your TV an internet device!

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100 Explored 72, 28 On Next Photo

100 Explored 72, 28 On Next Photo

1. Our Daily Challenge: The Backside, 2. Our Daily Challenge: Diagonal, 3. Web: Haven’t Seen Many This Year, 4. Our Daily Challenge: Blast From The Past, 5. Our Daily Challenge: Candy, 6. Our Daily Challenge: Yellow, 7. Our Daily Challenge: Nursery Rhyme, 8. Our Daily Challenge: Gadgets,

9. Our Daily Challenge: Starts With N Nostalgic, 10. Our Daily Challenge: Miniature, 11. Our Daily Challenge: Metallic, 12. Our Daily Challenge: Smoke, 13. Our Daily Challenge: Zoom, 14. Our Daily Challenge: Photo Shop, 15. Our Daily Challenge: Dangerous, 16. Our Daily Challenge: Low Angle,

17. Our Daily Challenge: Side View, 18. Our Daily Challenge: Topless, 19. Our Daily Challenge: One Colour, 20. Our Daily Challenge: Natural Frame, 21. Our Daily Challenge: Writing/Drawing Instrument, 22. Our Daily Challenge: Portrait From Behind, 23. Our Daily Challenge: Sculpture, 24. Our Daily Challenge: Quiet Place,

25. Our Daily Challenge: Pieces, 26. Our Daily Challenge: Many, 27. Our Daily Challenge: Wrapped, 28. Our Daily Challenge: LAST, 29. Our Daily Challenge: Funny Business, 30. Our Daily Challenge: Black & White, 31. Our Daily Challenge: Weather, 32. Our Daily Challenge: Reflections,

33. Our Daily Challenge: Glass, 34. Our Daily Challenge: Scale, 35. Our Daily Challenge: Accidental Beauty, 36. Our Daily Challenge: Poem or Song & A Thought for the Day, 37. Our Daily Challenge: Attention, 38. For Amy: In The Kitchen & Our Daily Challenge, 39. Our Daily Challenge: Six Explored, 40.,

41. Our Daily Challenge: New & A Thought for the Day, 42. Our Daily Challenge: Dualism, 43. Our Daily Challenge: 3, 44. Our Daily Challenge: Layers, 45. Our Daily Challenge: Equinox, 46. Our Daily Challenge: Light, 47. Our Daily Challenge: Abstract, 48. Our Daily Challenge: Made For Each Other,

49. Macro Monday: Fast (submitted), 50. Macro Monday: Calm, 51. Macro Monday: Calm, 52. Challenge: Chairs, 53. Evening Backyard Walk, 54., 55. Lily, 56. Macro Monday: Red, White & Blue,

57. Road Textured, 58. One More Dandelion Shot, 59. Finally A Bit Of Sun, 60. Macro Monday: Dualism, 61. Macro Monday: Life Is Hard, 62. New Growth, 63. Colour Forum: Blue Violet, 64. Assignment: SOOC Glass,

65. Nuthatch, 66. Drip, Drip, 67. Assignment: Concentricity, 68. Pink Feather Drops, 69. Back Yard Walk: No Sun, 70. Dig Deep You Never Know What You’ll Find, 71. I Walk Alone, 72. After Work Backyard Walk

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Baile no MacBook

Baile no MacBook

Miniaturas dançando ao som de Xote Santo.

Mais info sobre a banda no Google.

Baixe o album Deus dos Milagres.

Baixe o album Sou Abençoador.

As miniaturas são um presente que a Talita Ribeiro trouxe de Recife.

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Wizard of Wizardly Gizmos and Gadgets Invented to Study the Nighttime Sky

Wizard of Wizardly Gizmos and Gadgets Invented to Study the Nighttime Sky

This miniature dollhouse scale (1:12) pine cabinet is filled, inside and outside, with wondrous, curious, and enchanted gizmos, gadgets, surprises, and enchantments… all the things the Wizard of Wizardly Gizmos and Gadgets Invented to Study the Nighttime Sky would need and would invent to enable him to follow his wizardly destiny.

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