Summer Seas Ariel (Mattel, 2000) – Disney Collector Dolls – First Look – Deboxed – Standing – Portrait Right Side View #1

Summer Seas Ariel (Mattel, 2000) - Disney Collector Dolls - First Look - Deboxed - Standing - Portrait Right Side View #1

My Summer Seas Ariel 11 1/2” collector doll has been fully deboxed. She is posed standing, supported by the included doll stand, with the clamshell base. Her hair has been freed from the red plastic mesh backing, but the three large side curls are hanging rather loose. From the front they made a hidden Mickey. Most of her medium length red hair has been styled into a flat wavy ponytail that sits sideways behind her left shoulder, and is made very stiff with hair product, as is most of the rest of her hair. She is photographed from various angles, under diffused natural light, except for the last photo in this series.

My Summer Seas Ariel doll, released in 2000. She is a Disney Collector Doll, produced by Mattel. She was the first doll in the Enchanted Seasons Collection. Here she is photographed boxed. The box is dented in several places in the plastic window, but is intact. The doll herself is in perfect condition. She comes with a golden sun pendant, a doll stand, a Certificate of Authenticity, a warranty and a reply card.

Here is the text of the box notes, which comes in the form of a poem:

As the Summer sun sparkles on bright, shiny seas,
and the segulls all dance on the warm ocean breeze;

sweet Ariel plays with the young happy fish,
and goes treasure-hunting for all she might wish:

like forks and small spoons that she wears in her hair,
as Summer adornments that go anywhere!

She’s dressed for the season with flowers so fair,
and a coral-like hairpiece that brightens her hair!

But the best thing of all is the treasure she’s found:
a golden sun pendant as bright as the dawn,

which shines with a Summer light, bright as the sky —
bringing sparkles of joy to sweet Ariel’s eye!

My newly acquired Disney Collector Dolls, by Mattel. They are the Summer Seas Ariel (2000) and the Imperial Beauty Mulan (1998). Thanks to my Flickr friends UnbrokenSchi├če and They Call Me Obsessed for suggesting that I get these beautiful dolls. It came up during the discussion of my latest Disney Collector Doll, the Aqua Fantasy Ariel (1997). I have two other Disney Collector Dolls, The Evil Queen and Maleficent, both part of the Great Villains Collection (1998).

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